My Greatest Blessing

by - Tuesday, August 09, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude-Week 4

I'm behind again! Whoops! I'm not giving up though. I can feel my attitude shifting for many reasons and being more grateful is definitely one of them. 

So Week 4 of the Gratitude Challenge is "A Family Member" and even though I post about Aria all of the time, I wanted to do something fun to show some of the many reasons why I am so grateful for my little blessing. 

A- The greatest adventure! Aria made me a mommy and there is no greater adventure. Every day is new and exciting when you are living this #momlife.

R- Rowdy: This is a super nice way of saying busy, busy, busy. I love it though. She is always going and has to always be engaged. As a teacher, I know that this means her brain is constantly working and she is constantly learning. The more she can do, the more she learns. She tires me like no other, but her rowdiness is a blessing!

I- Independent: Aria has been very independent since she could crawl. I kid you not. If she can do it on her own, she would rather do it on her own. At this point, she does so many things on her own that I only imagine older children doing. I can pretty much trust her to pick out clothes, get dressed, put dishes away and dirty clothes. I hope that she keeps her independence as she grows, even though I'm sure it will result in some knock down drag outs eventually. 

A- Accepting: I love to watch Aria interact with others. She is so kind and loving and loves everyone she meets. I hope to continue to instill this in her as she gets older. I love it!

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