Our New Adventure

by - Saturday, March 13, 2021

Well, after almost 6 years the time has finally come for us to move on from Georgia. With 3 kids and a cat in tow we embarked on our newest adventure on Thursday... Hawaii!!! 

Now, as most of you who will read this blog know, this isn't our first time in Hawaii. When Ethan joined the Air Force his first duty assignment was Hawaii. We were newly married, very new to military life and very nervous about moving to our first base. I'm not going to lie, the first time around had some major ups and downs. It was hard to be away from family, especially after we had our first child. Not to mention starting our careers in a place where we knew no one. I got home sick, which overshadowed all of the things that I loved about the island and I was more than ready to move closer to my family. Once we did move back though, we realized that we missed Oahu more than we thought we would. It was, after all, the place where everything started for us. 

Now, almost 6 years later we are back again. And this time, we have vowed to do it right. So I wanted to restart this blog to hopefully document all of our adventures this time around. I always said I wanted my kids to experience things. To see and engage with the world and I feel like now is our chance to put that to the test. To really get out there. After a year apart while Ethan was stationed overseas, we can kind of get a fresh start on things. 

Now, I already miss my family and my awesome girl tribe back in Georgia. That certainly sucks. But I'm no stranger to this kind of life and I do truly enjoy being a military spouse. 

So anywho, we are currently in a hotel on the beautiful island of Oahu, but as Ethan put it earlier today we feel as if we are in limbo. We are doing a 10 day quarantine at the hotel so we aren't allowed to leave the room and our views leave a bit to be desired. But hang with us and I'll have lots to share soon. Until then, pray we survive 10 days in a hotel room, outnumbered by our children! 

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  1. Get out there and enjoy it all as soon as y'all can! Love and hugs!