We Made it Through Quarantine!

by - Sunday, March 21, 2021

Guys, I don't know about ya'll but I am not all about that quarantine life. I mean, I am a very introverted person who would rather stay in by myself than go out most of the time. I enjoy not having to get dressed up and having nowhere to go. These are things I actually live for. haha But being stuck in a hotel room on a beautiful island with only the balcony to give you fresh air is a whole other level of isolation. 

Now, I will start off by saying this is something we chose to do after much consideration. Our insurance would not cover the COVID test unless it was medically necessary and the military would not reimburse us. The military pays for much of our PCS, but there are still a lot of things we have to pay for out of pocket. This was just one thing we thought was not worth the money. Boy do we regret that! 

But after 10 days of not leaving the hotel room, 10 days of children who were going stir crazy and a 2 year old who finally decided this was a good time for the terrible 2s to officially hit, we made it out! Now if by any chance anyone who is PCSing stumbles across this blog during this time, we stayed at the Surf Jack in Waikiki and they have been amazing! They delivered all of our groceries and meals to our room with a smile and Aloha. They called to check in on us and we received fresh towels every day. I would 100% recommend them, especially if you need a pet friendly hotel. 

So what did we do when we finally got out? Well we definitely wanted to let the kids at least dunk their feet in the water. We don't have a rental car quite yet so we were restricted to what we could walk to. We are in Waikiki so there is luckily a lot to do. So Evie got her first glimpse of the ocean and the kids go to wander a bit. We ended the day with the pool, even though it was freezing! 

 Hopefully this week we can actually get out and do some things. I'm really looking forward to hitting some botanical gardens, hitting up some shopping, and spending some time at the beach. Also, can't forget that house hunting! 

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