Our First Weekend in Hawaii

by - Monday, March 29, 2021

We were so excited to finally hit the weekend and be able to go out and explore some of the island. We had big plans for both Saturday and Sunday but we were so pooped after Saturday, Sunday was pretty low key. I'm hoping to hit up our Sunday plans sometime this week. 

Friday afternoon we decided to take a drive up to the North Shore. It is quite the drive so we stopped at a beach park to let the kids run around a bit and get some of their energy out. They loved seeing the bigger waves and rocks. After checking out the beach we went to go get some shave ice! Which I have been wanting since we hit the island. I mean, did you even visit the North Shore if you don't get shave ice? The kids were super excited and I think it exceeded their expectations. They weren't sure what I meant by ice. haha 



Since we don't have a house yet we can't get our baggage that we sent to the island early. I shipped all of our beach stuff with that. Since we don't have access to it we decided to do a low key beach day and hit up Hickam Beach. It is a small beach located on base but it is pretty calm and has gorgeous blue water. The kids were blown away by the blue water and the girls especially took straight to the water. You would think they have spent their lives in the ocean. Aiden is a little more hesitant but he had a ton of fun playing in the sand as the waves broke. 

It was a lot more crowded than I remember it being. We will definitely have to go earlier next time to get a good place to hang out. It was Saturday though so more people can be expected. Ethan and Aria rented a Kayak for a bit and took it out. I think Ethan is hooked on getting one now! Aria enjoyed it a lot. 

I can't wait to get our beach things though because we will have the wagon and tent and can spend full days at the beach! We have an appointment to look at a house on Tuesday so if we like it we could be moving into a place this week. It has been weird living out of a hotel. It kind of feels like we are in limbo and just waiting for life to begin. It's hard to explain. We love having a pool right here though so that we will miss. (Probably the only thing though. haha) 

Keep us in your prayers as we look at homes and start to get things together with Aria going to school and trying to get used to a new normal. The kids have been amazing and are so resilient and go with the flow. We are both really proud of them. We can't wait to get them a home with a back yard so they can start really enjoying their new life here in Hawaii. 

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  1. They look like they had fun in the sand. Love the Aria mermaid!💖 Grana Loves & misses all of y’all!❤️