A Reintroduction

by - Tuesday, February 13, 2024

It has truly been a hot minute since I updated this blog. Life, ADHD tendencies and general laziness has pretty much been to blame. Since my last post we've been living it up in Hawaii surrounded by our new "found family" or our "tribe" as you might call it and life has settled into your typical chaotic routine with 3 kids, 2 cats and 1 dog in toe. 

So here I am again, attempt 1,000 at getting this thing going. And since it's been a while I figured some introductions were in order. So here it goes! 

Hi! I'm Kristin. I'm going to start by telling you who I am and not about what I am, since that seems to be a habit with me and so many other women. I'm a 30 something, curvy/chunky, outlandishly nerdy Harry Potter and Disney fan. I read voraciously and stick to your typical Fantasy (spicy and non) and even accidentally started a book club which is ridiculous since I'm also crazy introverted. (Story for another time.) I'm crafty when I wanna be and both the mountains and the sea call to me. I've found myself to be adventurous in my thirties which is something that I have never, ever described myself as. But here we are. And I kind of like it. Not gonna lie. 

Now, about what I am. I'm an Air Force wife of 12 years. We've done the PCSing.  We've done the time apart. It's been your typical rollercoaster but it's been fun and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I met my husband in college 15 years ago and once I gave him a chance, we've been BFFs ever since. I'm also a mom of three kids and a special education teacher. Life is pretty much busy all of the time, but I'm trying harder to slow down and take in more of the goodness and peace around me. 

I'm hoping for this blog to not just be a place to share our adventures here in Hawaii, but a place to encourage you, momma or not, to just be and do you. Take the walks/hikes. Stick your feet in the sand (anywhere!) and just live your life. Some things I share will be parent specific. Some will be military specific. Some woman specific. And some will just be me rambling. But hey, hopefully someone gets something out of it. 

So stick with me here. I promise... actually no promising. But I hope that it will be worth it. 

Much love, 

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