The Last 4 years

by - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Believe it or not, Ethan and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage on Thursday! It blows my mind to think that it has actually been that long. It has been, to say the least, a whirlwind of a ride. Three addresses, 2 promotions for him, 3 jobs for me and a wonderful daughter to top it all off. I am so blessed and so amazed at all that we’ve have been through and accomplished together.

It has become increasingly more apparent to me all of the couples our age who are not making it. The thought of divorce has always saddened me, yes, but never has it hit me as hard as it has here lately. I am beginning to see it affect those around me and those I’ve known over the years. Quite honestly, it’s scary.

I cannot even begin to say that I understand marriage (at all) or that I have the key to marriage success. I can’t say I have a secret or that my marriage is the marriage to top all marriages. With things we have been through and done or seen, I sometimes just have to stop and think God for bringing us through and giving us strength to always be there for one another and to have forgiving hearts even when it is very, very difficult. I stand in awe of the power of simple love.

So that being said and in honor of four years of wonderful, hard, crazy, beautiful years of marriage, here are four promises and personal goals I have for this fifth year of marriage.

4. Taking time to listen and engage.
        Simply take an interest in something that Ethan enjoys,         even if I don’t completely understand. (Which is most           often the case!)

3. Make time to spend together.
        Our anniversary vacation has been the first chance in         2 and a half years for Ethan and I to spend some                 time alone with Aria and it has become very apparent         to me how important that is!

2. Spend time in devotions together.
        Something that we have not been able to successfully         commit to.

1.         1. Pray for Ethan DAILY!!
I pray for Ethan, but I have seen the power of prayer in marriages and I want to be a wife who vigilantly prays for her husband.

I just thought it would be nice to share these personal goals with you all in hopes that others may take the time to create some goals for your own marriage or self.

Let’s be the generation that changes the statistics and makes our marriages last! 

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