My Favorite Youtubers

by - Wednesday, March 07, 2018

I have recently become a YouTube watcher (in all of my "free" time.) I never really used YouTube to do anything but watch music videos or pull up kiddie songs for my classes, but I have recently started doing a lot of research and learning more about make-up and beauty techniques. During my searches I became an adamant follower of quite a few beauty vloggers. And I have learned a ton!!

So without further ado, here are my favorite Youtubers! Let me know who your favorites are. I would love to check um out!

Just click the names to head on over to their channels!

1. Molly Burke
  I had to put Molly first on this list! She is such an inspiration and her personality is just the best! Molly is blind and an inspirational speaker. I first ran across her channel when she did a video with another of my favorite Youtubers, Kandee Johnson. They did a blind girl makeup challenge and I had to check her out.

  Even though she is blind, Molly loves fashion and makeup and is WAY better at it all than me! Her channel is worthy of some serious binge watching for sure!

2. Kelly Strack
   Kelly is hands down my favorite when it comes to makeup tutorials. She and I have similar skin types and her advice and techniques have really helped me. I have also bought quite a few products that she has recommended. She has new videos up each week, so be sure to check her out!

3. What Would Lizzy Do
  I love this channel! Lizzy's personality just cracks me up and she is super positive but super honest in her videos. She has a really good mix of makeup and lifestyle videos. You'll love her!

4. Kandee Johnson
  Kandee is pretty well known in the beauty world, so you may have already heard of her. Most of her makeup tutorials are a little out of my league, but I still love to watch them. She also has a good mix of video types and she is hilarious! Plus, she does some really cool makeovers.  She just radiates positivity and fun.

I hope you get a chance to check these amazing ladies out! Comment below with your favs!

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