I Made It! ... Through Day One...

by - Monday, June 15, 2015

Well, I officially made it through day one of staying home with Aria and as I lay here nodding off I realize I may have been a little ambitious. I guess ambitious is the best word here. Altogether though, the day was a great success with only one meltdown. Yay for me!

 We started off with what I was trying to make a healthy breakfast. Needless to say, blueberries did not go over well with Aria. I'll give them one more try but I'm thinking those need to come off of the list. Her face as she stuck the blueberry in her mouth was nothing less than priceless. Even Mommy over-exaggerating about how AMAZING those little blue things taste didn't do the trick. At least she ate some and we were off on our walk. Aria was very excited about getting in her stroller and "driving" around, hitting the music button over, and over, and over, and over again. Another thing I learned today, bring headphones tomorrow.

I'm pretty proud of how well Aria is playing by herself these days. I purposefully scheduled independent play into our daily schedule so that I can get a few things done. I was able to send e-mails regarding potential teaching jobs and started working on our PCS binder. During this time Aria played in her swimming pool (in the living room) and tortured poor Riley with her squeals and screams.

 I have very lofty goals for this summer for teaching Aria. I really want her to know her basic colors and be able to count to at least 5. Today we worked on colors. Her favorite is apparently blue, because every color was blue, blue, blue. Pretty cute huh? Anyways, I colored large colored circles on paper plates and got out our trusty fruit loops. We found fruit loops in every color and repeated the color names. Then, we sorted them together. She desperately wanted to do it all on her own so I gave her a handful and let her have at it. She did so well! I was pretty impressed. If you haven't already, check out my Instagram for a short video of her sorting the colors. This was such an easy and quick little activity but so very effective! I would recommend giving it a shot if you are teaching your little one basic colors.

 After nap-time we made our way to the park and played to our little hearts' content. It's so much fun to watch her run around with her little horsey prance climbing and sliding and doing it all over again. I will never get used to how cute she is. Ever.

 We ended our day with some yummy ice cream and was joined by daddy. All in all a great day, but one that left me super exhausted. Successful first day!!



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