Unspoken Rules for Proper DayCare Etiquette (That I Obviously Didn't Know Anything About)

by - Thursday, June 11, 2015

As we are ending Aria's first stint at daycare and I am looking back at her 2 years there, I can't help but start to realize all of the "rules" I have broken over the past two years. This became very apparent today as I left daycare without Aria. (Sidebar: I love Aria's daycare and have been very pleased with most of her teachers and the staff. Sometimes though, mommy just really needs a break!)

Today is King Kamehameha day here in Hawaii and naturally daycare had a little gathering to celebrate, so Daddy and I made sure to both be there. Let me just tell you, it was a BIG deal to a couple of her teachers that we were there. Obviously during the school year I am working and Daddy is always working, but I have found that one of the unspoken rules is you need to show up. Doesn't matter if you are on your death bed. When you don't show up you get the inevitable guilt trip. "Oh Mom, we really missed you today!" "Dad, Aria had fun making things with the other parents." Wow. Just wow. Being a working mom is hard. Like, really hard. I believe they reminded me 10 times about this event because they knew I was off work. I am fully aware that Aria will have many things that I won't be able to attend but I will always be there for the big things. As a working mom, I have to make sacrifices. Are you with me moms?

Another rule: check your child's cubby. Often. Oops, I carried out 20 sheets of finger painting today... 20. Again, I was told at least 5 times to clean it out as if I would forget in the 30 minutes I was there. I will keep this in mind for her next daycare. Granted that when we drop her off in the morning, she goes to room D4. When we pick her up, she's in room B4 and the other room is locked. So yeah.

And the biggest oopsie daisy today was leaving Aria at daycare after the event when everyone knew I was off work. "Oh Mom where is Aria? She must be sad she has to stay here!" In my defense, I only have two more days of freedom. And I take that very seriously! Haha! All us moms know that running errands with our little ones is super difficult. So when I have to run to the store, why take her when I don't have to? I wanted to peruse the makeup section and clearance racks without calling for Aria to stay put or hearing her scream because I put her in a cart. Maybe its because its been years since these ladies have had children, but let me just tell you, it was worth the guilty comments. I snagged three new lipsticks and some new eye shadow while also hitting the clearance tent for beach stuff and grabbing some things just for Aria.

I'm positive I have done many other things that have ensured I won't win the mommy of the year award in their eyes over the past two years (like "letting" Aria get bitten by mosquitoes or forgetting to bring wipes.) But I have come to realize that their are always going to be those that question my amazing mommy skills. But for those that question them I have just as many who are in the same boat. Mommies who are doing their absolute best for their little ones. Who don't always know the answers and may frantically call their own mommies for help now and then. Moms who work and feel guilty when they miss those little daycare events, but know that in the long run they are doing what is best for their families. I have come to realize that I am a strong mom. Sometimes we need to toot our own horns. ;)

Aria loved making leis, by the way, and I was very impressed with her lei making skills. She's a little pro! Mommy and Daddy didn't do half bad either!

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