The Masseys Take Disney World: The Shirts

by - Thursday, November 26, 2015

Guys, I am so stoked about these shirts! Even though they took me countless hours and many mistakes. I should now be an expert but next time I will still probably forget to mirror the images a dozen times before it clicks. Haha

So onto the actual shirts...

We wanted to do something as a family but Ethan and I were against anything corny and over-the-top. So after searching for ideas I blended my own with another I found. 

The front is a really simple idea that you see on lots of these types of shirts. Since I did this with my cricut I had to be super careful of the smaller letters, especially the "s". I just purchased plain iron-one from hobby lobby that were "Design your own" not for laser printers. They did not come in very big sized sheets so next time I will be ordering from cricut ahead of time. Overall, a few flaws on my first two but nothing major. The rest are perfect and look really good and not gaudy.

 I was really proud of my idea to put our names on the sleeve. Super fun since we used the names that Aria calls us. Everyone was up for it. 

Now, my favorite part. The back! Now I apologize because I did get this idea from somewhere and can't seem to find the source. So when I do, I will give proper credit where it is due. Anyway, the backs are a silhouette of our favorite Disney character along with a quote. I came up with the idea to use as close to the movie fonts as I could get. Unfortunately that didn't work for all of them but still turned out great! 

So we tried and tried and tried some more to find Aria a red shirt in her size. To the point of severe frustration. And to no avail. So hers is black instead and I'm ok with it because she's the focal point of this trip, right? So she should definitely rock a different shirt to stand out. Or at least that is what I'm preaching to myself. Either way, she is just excited that "Tinkeybell" is on her shirt. Haha

Can't wait to post pics of all of us wearing them! Stay tuned guys!

Our shirts looked awesome as we walked into the park! We got a great pic of all of us and I'm just glad we got that in before they started falling apart. I do not recommend the iron on from Hobby Lobby. ( I need to go back and find the brand.) my shirt held up perfect, but a few hours in the letters started falling off of others and poor Stitch's ear just kept flapping in the breeze. 

So my take on this diy? A great idea, a great look, but next time I will buy the cricut brand.

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