"Daddy Flies" (A Book Review)

by - Sunday, November 01, 2015

I was pleasantly surprised and honored when I was asked to do this review by Brye from Our Adventures in Seoul, South Korea. I was even more pleased when the book came in the mail and I began to read. From the witty rhyming to the awesome illustrations, this book is a must read for a child whose "Daddy Flies" (and even those who don't.)

In "Daddy Flies," a young girl named Katie is trying to make sense of what her daddy does at work every day. A serious question in the eyes of a young child. She wonders how in the world does her daddy fly? "Maybe Daddy is some kind of bug?" she wonders. Or my favorite part of the book, "He could be a superhero in a mask and a cape." I know that when I was young my dad was certainly a hero to me, but as a military wife who has a child I certainly hope that my daughter does see her daddy as the hero he is.

As Katie continues to wonder about how her daddy flies, an idea starts taking shape of planes and pilots. Brye does a great job of explaining a pilot in kid friendly terms but does not lose the true essence or importance of the job in doing so. This is truly a great book that I will certainly be reading to my daughter. I would love to see more of these types of children's books out there. I will be reading this to my class next week when we talk about Veteran's Day!

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