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by - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

This post is for all of my teacher friends. Summer has always been a time for me to regroup, reflect, and take my time preparing for the year ahead. Most summers I read a lot and throw in at least one professional development book. This summer I was eagerly searching for a book that would help me get my motivation for teaching back and one that would give me some ideas of how to be my best self each day in the classroom. I definitely found that and more with Unshakeable.

I would certainly recommend this book to every educator, but especially those like me who may have had a trying year and who are seriously questioning why we got into this education thing in the first place. In this book, Angela Watson gives "20 ways to enjoy teaching every matter what." This byline had me hooked from the start. Who doesn't want to enjoy every day in the classroom?

I am only about half way through the book currently, but I have picked up so much good and practical  advice that I will be taking into this next year of teaching. What I love about Angela is that she understands the demands that teachers have and that schools and districts place on teachers. She is very open and honest about what teachers face and doesn't "side with the bad guys." haha You can also clearly see her faith within the book and I've found that, in itself, to be inspiring.

I have enjoyed so much of this book so far, but to give you a little idea of what's in store I'll share a couple of things that I have really taken to heart and will be carrying with me into next school year.

  • I struggle deeply with my to-do lists. They are always super long and I have a very hard time prioritizing. In Unshakeable, Angela gives tips on how to allocate your time and how to prioritize in order to get what matters most finished while letting go of the rest. 

  • Another great chapter talks about taking the time to decompress after work days and setting  healthy habits for bringing work home. Let's face it, we all do it, And sometimes it feels like we work from dawn til dusk. Angela gives some great ways to set habits and goals for working at home while still giving time to decompress and do what matters most to you. 

There are many more great tips to take away from this book and if you are looking for a book to boost your teaching this summer, I highly suggest that you pick this up. ( I can't wait to read the next book by her Awakened.)

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