Of Times Gone By

by - Saturday, June 18, 2016

Earlier this week a couple that is very near and dear to my heart tragically lost their son. Mr. And Mrs. Davis were my band directors/color guard instructors for eight years. They were certainly an extension of my family. 

Stuart and I were not very close but we did spend countless afternoons in the band room coming up with crazy show ideas and telling jokes. He will always be embedded in my mind as that happy go lucky kid who was never once unkind to me. His loss was felt greatly this week and has really had me thinking back to those times.

It's sad that often it's only when tragedy hits that we take time to reflect on those people who were most influential in our lives. I spent most afternoons and countless weekends in the band room or with the band performing, practicing, and creating. Most of my fondest memories from high school involve band and the Davis's. They took an interest in my life outside of the band room walls and were always there for me. They cultivated my love for music, were there during family drama and break ups, were there beaming with pride as I won homecoming queen, and Mrs. D was always there to give me a stern talking to when my head got too big for my shoulders. The leadership opportunities that I was given in band gave me the leaderships skills that I take into the classroom every single day. They will never know how much they impacted my life. 

         Mr. D and I at homecoming.

Sometimes it's hard to look back on that person that I was. Sometimes I miss that confident leader. The girl who had her hand in everything. I'm proud of who I was in that period of my life and I'm proud of who I am now. Very different, for sure. Sometimes I catch glimpses of that girl. I've come such a long way and grown up a lot. I wish I still had that confidence even though it sometimes got me I trouble. (I may or may not admit to the occasional cocky moment.) and while in Hawaii I saw that leader come back a bit. 

I wouldn't trade a single moment of my life because it has made me who I am today. The good and the bad. I hope that Aria is able to experience a family and community like I had with the band. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. D for calling me one of your own. I hope these memories never fade.

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